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Bev Butkow: 10 Rules for Living Life As An Artist

Bev Butkow: 10 Rules for Living Life As An Artist

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In this insightful Knowledge Share, Bev Butkow, a seasoned artist based in Johannesburg, generously imparts the 10 guiding principles that have shaped her journey as an artist. Navigating the challenges of a professional artistic career can be demanding, and Bev's invaluable set of rules stands as a testament to her success and resilience. These guidelines have not only been instrumental in defining Bev's artistic path but have also proven essential in maximising the productivity and fulfillment derived from her professional practice.


Bev Butkow's story is one of transformation. A chartered accountant who ventured into art for the first time at the age of 43, she has since evolved into a full-time and socially-engaged artist, currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at Wits University. Following her recognition with a Merit Award at the 2015 SA Taxi Foundation Art Award, Bev debuted her inaugural solo exhibition titled "m/other" and has participated in numerous group shows, including prestigious events like Cape Town and Joburg Art Fairs.

Her artistic footprint extends globally, with her work finding a place in corporate and private collections in South Africa, Amsterdam, Dubai, France, New York, and London. Born and residing in Johannesburg with her husband and four children, Bev is anchored at the Bag Factory Artist Studios in Newtown.

Bev's studio practice delves into intensely personal realms. Through her paintings and drawings, she voices resistance against unequal power structures, societal norms, and traditional gender roles. Her artistic process is a reflection of her personal struggle to deconstruct the rigid composition of the world around her.

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