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Everard Read: How Galleries Work Part 2

Everard Read: How Galleries Work Part 2

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On the 13th and 18th of April 2023, our team hosted a workshop, in collaboration with Everard Read CIRCA Gallery, exploring the complexities of gallery practice in South Africa. The workshop was hosted in two parts; the first session focusing on how to work with galleries, providing insight from the viewpoint of the gallerist, as well as the artist, and the second session exploring the intricacies of what it entails to start and run a gallery, touching on the day-to-day operations and which roles make up a gallery team.

WORKSHOP 1 | 13 APRIL 2023

  • Artist/ Gallery Relationship (cultivating working relationships with galleries/ degrees of gallery representation/ expectations and professional conduct) 
  • Pricing Art Works (cost versus reward pricing/ gallery pricing vs private sales/ commissions)
  • Accessing International Markets (galleries/ artists/ residencies/ opportunities)
  • Building A Collector Base (cultivating collector relationships and ‘lifetime’ customer retention)


  • Emma Vandermerwe (Director, Everard Read)
  • Githan Coopoo (Artist)
  • Mark Rautenbach (Artist)

WORKSHOP 2 | 18 APRIL 2023

  • Starting A Gallery (outlining different types of galleries/ what opening entails) 
  • Careers in the Gallery Space
  • Discussion (comparative conversation between emerging gallery director and established director)


  • Emma Vandermerwe (Director, Everard Read)
  • Mpilo Ngcukana (Director, 16 on Leratholi, Langa)
  • Lena Sulik (Associate Director, Everard Read)
  • Luca Evans (Co-founder of Under Projects)
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